A complete turnkey benefit solution for your Company’s 1099 Independent Contractors

Establish your benefit program:

Minimal Work, Cost and Time

  1. Set up a call with our benefit advisor and we will customize a plan specifically for your company, based on your preferences, cost and benefit selection.
  2. Once we have all the required information from your company we present you a customized benefit plan.
  3. Upon plan acceptance, our professional enrollment team will provide a holistic educational campaign for your company.
  4. Our benefit team will manage and coordinate your plan, leaving you with peace of mind.

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feedback from

Our clients

I can't show houses anymore, so this has made a tremendous difference in paying all my bills, especially extra medical bills. I'm grateful for having this program.

I was so thankful that our company presented this disability insurance opportunity for us a couple years ago just in case I'd ever need it. My knee just kept getting worse and worse, and now, 6 ½ months from surgery, I can finally say that I'm on the mend…am not limited like I was before, and can enjoy my life and grand kiddies again. And, the best is, I don't have to abandon my career in real estate…it was getting pretty scary for a while

The disability program flat out saved me. When you work on commission, the money stops quickly when you can't work. You never know if you are in an accident or doctor's visit away from disability. I am never going to leave my agency because of the great benefits, especially the disability program. You do not think how important disability insurance is until something happens.