How To Build A Productive Team of Independent Contractors

Any great team will outperform an individual any day of the week. It does not matter if you are a rainmaker; you will still have to turn away any leads for which you don’t have time. But productivity is key. When you develop a productive team, you will be in a position to work on every lead that will come on your desk, leading to more referral generation from closing them.

Empower the Team Using a Lead Nurturing System

Using a lead tracking platform will not only get your whole team on the same page but will also lead to increased productivity. For example, consider using BoldLeads, a lead generation solution that offers exclusive seller leads to help ensure lead generation for a particular area.  It will also assist your team in generating and nurturing leads through a robust CRM, Facebook advertising, and marketing automation tools.

A platform isn’t the only way a team can nurture and acquire new leads. Your team members each have their own sphere of influence. By working together to create a referral system, you can engage those spheres of influence and get the right lead to the right agent.

Use the Right Technological Tools

Technology can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to team productivity. The right tools can make your team work as efficiently as possible. Determine the areas where you need to improve productivity and implement a tech tool to fill the gap.  Once in place, ensure your team members are well trained on using these new technological tools, and conduct retraining periodically or whenever there is system upgrade.

Ensure You Have Systems in Place Before You Start Recruiting

You need to systemize your business to ensure you are in a position of generating, prequalifying, converting, and closing business.  A system that is easy to understand and solidly lays out your business’ procedures will create a positive and efficient environment (and cause fewer headaches, too!)

Find the Right Candidates

Protocol for overall operation is just one piece of the puzzle. What moves the business forward are the team members themselves. The productivity and success of your real estate team will depend on their ability to work together seamlessly and bring the necessary skills to the table.  Ensure that those you bring onboard have complementary skills and goals. Identify those skills, along with individuals’ strengths and weaknesses, and clearly define the roles they will play in the organization. This will, in turn, have a positive effect on the efficiency and productivity of your team.  

Insurance Coverage for Team Members

Any member of your team will want to be at peace when it comes to their health. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive for a self-employed individual to acquire insurance without a larger company backing them.

Many companies have taken up the emerging business model of offering a benefits package to their agents. Without the pressure to chase the next deal in the face of unplanned financial or personal issues, team members are happier and more productive. Insurance takes that worry off the table.

While a team can’t acquire insurance for its members, your team could obtain benefits through a company. Consider working in tandem with a company that offers insurance. You’ll be offering them recruits, in exchange for your team members having access to affordable insurance plans. This will show your team that you prioritize their health, boosting their esteem and ability to help the company achieve its short term and long term goals.

For your company, the foundation for productivity is its team members. The tips above will not only allow you to build a top-notch team but will also foster an atmosphere that allows your team to grow to its fullest potential.

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