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How To Build A Productive Team of Independent Contractors

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Real Estate Agents: How to Budget with an Irregular Income

Being a real estate agent can be one of the most gratifying career choices ever. Helping people find their dream homes while acting as a solopreneur provides the best of both worlds to those who appreciate independence while making a good living. One of the challenges to working as a real estate agent is learning […]

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Making Income Protection Part Of Financial Wellness

Are you financially well? Most people would answer yes if their take home pay was adequate and their current net worth was six figures or more. But financial wellness is much more than that. There are other factors besides income that are important too. According to the CFPB, financial well-being means “having financial security and […]

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How Company-Provided Disability Insurance Can Help When SSDI Falls Short

The government-funded Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program is a great idea that falls glaringly short of most people’s needs. If your family counts on your income or you have a physically demanding job, you should seriously consider purchasing a company-provided disability insurance policy. SSDI is usually used for long-term disability claims and covers issues […]

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How Independent Contractors Can Use Long Term Disability Insurance

Independent contractors are like workers in most other professions: They can become disabled and lose the opportunity to keep earning a living. In fact, the chances that you’ll become disabled have actually been studied and estimated by the Social Security Administration. They inform us that it is far more common that one may initially guess. […]

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Long Term Disability Insurance

How Disability Insurance Helps Agents Get Their Financial House In Order

People who earn their living as independent contractors generally love the work they do. They’re their own boss and are often able to work highly flexible hours. Depending on their niche, they can be highly successful and achieve great wealth. Indeed, for some, such as professional real estate agents, the rewards of their labor can […]

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How Can Brokerages Recruit and Retain Top Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry is an exciting and lucrative career path that has enabled many to design and fashion their own version of the American dream. According to The Balance Small Business, there are numerous reasons to choose this career trajectory, including being your own boss, low start-up costs, working your own hours, the opportunity […]

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A Primer On Long-Term Disability Planning

Disability can happen to anyone. It can strike as an unwelcome visitor when you least expect it.  It is especially serious for those who are breadwinners, because long-term disability effectively snuffs out the earning power of their human capital. Many people are totally unprepared for disabilities and the financial consequences that can arise. Indeed, certain […]

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Real Estate Agents: Seek Out Brokerages That Offer Benefits

For many, a career as a real estate agent is a dream opportunity.  This career can offer the possibility of high earnings, flexible working conditions, interacting with a wide variety of interesting people in the community, developing personal and interpersonal skills, creating win-win transactions and the joy of closing a major deal. Along with the […]

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Why Real Estate Agents Need Long Term Disability Insurance

The real estate business offers a chance for many people to earn a very good living. One way is as a real estate agent. The many benefits of a career as a real estate agent include the opportunity to earn good money, flexible hours, meeting and helping a wide variety of interesting people, developing the skills of salesmanship and the joy of closing a major deal.

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